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There are so many great metal detectors to choose from that give you the kind of product you deserve.

Of course, metal detectorists have their favorites. But who doesn’t?

The Minelab Equinox 800. A simplified Bounty Hunter model. Or the impressive Nokta Makro Simplex could be your leader in the clubhouse.

But what about Garrett metal detectors?

Garrett is one of the exclusive metal detector brands that can rightfully claim to be the best at what they do.

The hard part is deciding which Garrett detector is the best. Or your best.

But you’re in luck.

The best of the Garrett metal detectors is the AT Max. Not only for its incredible performance and included advanced features. But for its ability to make your hunt a success, even if it’s your first metal detector.

Experienced detectorists know that isn’t an easy claim to make, especially when comparing the many Garrett metal detector products open to you.

But don’t t worry, Diggers! I did all the leg work and research for you.

Take a look.

What Is the Best Garrett Metal Detector?

What Is the Best Garrett Metal Detector
The Garrett AT Max is the best Garrett detector you’ll find for all-purpose needs.

Garrett AT Max Metal Detector

Best Garrett Metal Detector
Garrett AT Max
  • You'll find all kinds of metals like coins, gold, relics, and jewelry, thanks to the low 13.6 kHz operating frequency. This single frequency device is perfect for your need for greater depth detection.
  • The iron discrimination feature built into this detector is on another level. You'll have 44 levels of adjustment to detect every bit of metal in trash-rich soils.
  • A true all-terrain machine that targets buried treasures 10 feet underwater. This waterproof search coil will keep you detecting no matter the conditions.

There are many models to choose from in the metal detecting industry. And only a handful that is deserving of the top spot for their manufacturer.

For Garrett, the best metal detector is the Garrett AT Max.

No matter if you’re one of the experienced detectorists that swear by this metal detecting wonder or a customer in the market for a new hobby. The AT Max is better than most metal detectors and makes the search for more treasure better than ever.

You shouldn’t just take my word for it, though. Keep reading to find out what makes the big difference from other Garrett models.

DFP time!


Garrett AT Max Design
Garrett designs their machines to be durable and provide exceptional performance.

You’ll immediately notice how much Garrett put thought into designing this metal detector.

It just looks tough, right?

The stem fastens from both ends with camlocks, allowing you to adjust its length without worrying about loose fittings from the search coil to the control box.

The arm cuff includes a strap for secure, comfortable handling. And when you stop for a break, the built-in stand keeps your detector in an upright position.

The ergonomic rubber grip will make life easy when relic hunting in the water.

The search coil is an 11-inch double-D waterproof design with a search coil cover already encasing it.

Don’t worry about the abuse this detector takes. The manufacturer made sure it held up to any terrain.

AT Max takes abuse
Are you rough with your equipment? Don’t worry about it. Garrett devices will hold up to whatever you give them.

To top it all off, you’ll love how well-balanced and lightweight it feels in your hand, as rugged as the AT Max is.


If you find yourself treasure hunting for gold nuggets or coin shooting on the weekends, the advanced features you get with the AT Max are elite.

And they make your hobby in the country an adventure where finding cool stuff under the ground is almost expected.

Let’s start with the basics.

  • Four search modes
  • Automatic and Manual Ground Balancing
  • Adjustable Volum Control
  • An All-Terrain Frequency of 13.6 kHz for greater depth
  • Notch and Iron Discrimination Settings
  • Digital Target ID

That’s great.

Well, it’s better than other models, but I can’t say it sets this machine apart.

Here’s what does make the difference.

44 iron discrimination levels makes the difference
The big difference here is the extra control you get to find your intended target.

How about access to 44 different iron discrimination levels? This customization gives you complete control over how much discrimination to apply.

Now you’ll never have to worry about missing a unique find because it’s hidden under a patch of nails.

Another excellent feature is the Tone Roll Audio.

Tone Roll Audio gives you better target information than you’ve ever had. The three distinct tones will provide you with metal conductivity and the ferrous nature of your target.

Finally, I’d regret not telling you about the wireless technology.

The Garrett AT Max has a built-in Z-Lynk wireless module so you can connect your wireless headphones, which often come in a package.

headphones included in package and z-lynk
Wireless Z-Lynk headphones provide a faster connection and limit any audio delay.

If you don’t already know about Z-Lynk, it’s six times faster than Bluetooth technology. So, forget about any worries of delay or poor audio signal.


You now know what the best metal detector made by Garrett can do. But how well does it do it?

Can I say, wow!

I took my dad out this past Father’s Day to a park he used to take me to when I was younger. I’d been talking up some different detectors to him for a while, trying to get him into the hobby.

fathers day penny pinching
Sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little extra on a new toy for yourself.

Knowing my dad, I expected him to penny-pinch and buy a Bounty Hunter.

Nope! He sprung for the AT Max.

Anyway, long story short.

He had this treasure hunting beauty detecting target after quality target.

I had a chance to get a turn and was impressed from the start.

I didn’t find any gold nuggets. But I did find a silver ring, a brass button, and a couple of old coins, all within half an hour of searching.

The ground isn’t short on minerals either. The park backs up to the canal, where junk washes up.

But even in the all-metal mode in the shallow water, his new Garrett detector didn’t disappoint.

The AT Max does what it says it will do.

And I think that’s the best part about Garrett detectors. They live up to their hype.

  • 4 search modes and underwater capability to hunt in every terrain.
  • Pro-level settings to keep the experienced treasure hunters excited and the beginners engaged.
  • Makes decisions to dig easily with the iron audio feature.
  • Greater depth is reached with a lower frequency than other top models.
  • Priced a bit higher for beginners with minimal interest.
  • If new to detecting, you'll need to take some extra time learning all the features for better results.

The Verdict: Garrett metal detectors are the way to go if you want a quality machine that can do everything. The AT Max is their best model and sets the standard for what a good metal detector should be able to do.

I didn’t need any more proof than to see my dad find objects inches deep with ease. However, I did give him some general advice. He was able to operate his new hobby detector like an old pro.

What Are the Best Garrett Metal Detectors for My Needs?

What Are the Best Garrett Metal Detectors for My Needs
There’s a Garrett tool for every situation you can imagine.

The best metal detectors come in all shapes and sizes.

This belief holds true for many Garrett metal detector products. If you’re more concerned with the ground conditions your search area has, or your experience level has you second guessing your choice, I’ve got the Garrett detector that’s right for you.

Scroll down to the product recommendation suited for your needs.

Best Garrett Metal Detectors for Gold

The best metal detectors Garrett makes when you want to locate gold are the Garrett ATX Deepseeker and the Garrett AT Gold metal detector.

Why am I giving you two choices?

two choices for gold detector
You’ve got options. If you’re in need of a more heavy-duty gold detector, Garrett has that too.

Each one will account for the type of metal detecting you’re aiming for.

The ATX and the AT Gold are excellent for finding gold deep below the surface, in shallow water, or just inches deep.

What sets these two treasure hunting Garrett metal detectors apart is your intended use.

A professional looking for buried treasure or undiscovered gold nuggets will be in the market for the many benefits you get with the ATX Deepseeker.

But many detectorists fit into the customer category of someone wanting to buy a detector that specializes in gold but can still locate other metals like nickel and silver.

That’s where you’ll find the value in the AT Gold. Plus, the more affordable price range is something to take into account.

Check out the side-by-side comparison below.

Garrett ATX Deepseeker
  • Item Weight: 6.9 lbs
  • Waterproof: Functional detection up to 10 feet
  • Frequencies: Pulse Induction with 730 pulses per second
  • Best For: Beach, Gold, Relic, and Coins
  • Search Modes: 3
  • Competitive Feature: Two search coils for more accurate detection
Garrett AT Gold
  • Item Weight: 3 lbs
  • Waterproof: Submersible up to 10 feet
  • Frequencies: VLF Single Frequency at 18 kHz
  • Best For: Gold, Beach, Relic, Coins, and Beginners
  • Search Modes: 3
  • Competitive Feature: 44 iron discrimination segments

Best Garrett Metal Detectors for Beginner

One of the best metal detectors on the market for a beginner is the Garrett ACE 300.

The Garrett ACE 300 offers a budget-friendly machine without sacrificing the quality you expect from this brand.

Best for Beginners
Garrett ACE 300
  • Lightweight for easy carrying at just 2.8 pounds. So no matter your age or size, you'll have no problem swinging this device around.
  • You'll love the amazing detection capability. The 300 adjusts automatically to various ground conditions, and uses a mid-range 8 kHz frequency, various audio tones, and target depth indicators.
  • You get access to 5 search modes and a pinpoint mode. With those options, plus the waterproof search coil and included accessories, finding coins and relics as a beginner was never easier.

And if you’re wondering if the Garrett ACE 250 might be a better (cheaper) option, don’t waste your time.

You’re talking about a difference of $30 more to increase your range of depth, a larger search coil, and other beneficial features.

If you’ve already decided to spend your money on a Garrett detector, the 300 is the perfect choice for any beginning customer.

Which Is Better, Garrett ACE 300 or 400?

Garrett ACE 300
  • Item Weight: 2.8 lbs
  • Waterproof: Submersible Search Coil
  • Frequencies: VLF SIngle Frequency at 8 kHz
  • Best For: Beginner, Coins, and Relics
  • Search Modes: 6
  • Competitive Feature: 0-99 target ID scale and coin depth indicator
Garrett ACE 400
  • Item Weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Waterproof: Submersible Search Coil
  • Frequencies: Higher 10 kHz VLF frequency
  • Best For: Beginner, Coins, and Relics
  • Search Modes: 6
  • Competitive Feature: Larger search coil and iron audio feature

Have you already looked into the ACE 300? Then you might have heard about the Garrett ACE 400. It’s a similar model with more benefits but a higher price.

If you’re talking apples to apples, the ACE 400 is a better detector than the 300. Most of the features are virtually the same.

Except, the ACE 400 gives you an iron audio feature, a more extensive search coil, and a higher operating frequency.

These upgrades are designed to increase your sensitivity within your search range and metal detect with more accuracy.

However, we’re not talking apples to apples. It’s more like apples to kiwi.

The kiwi might be more appealing as an exotic fruit with twice the amount of nutrients.

apple and kiwi
Who doesn’t love some exotic fruit? Just keep in mind that the apple is just as nutritious.

But the apple has all the sweetness and vitamin-filled juiciness you need at a lower cost.

And this isn’t like the Garrett ACE 250 difference in price. Depending on current promotions, you’re looking to spend at least another $100.

For the beginner detectorist, save yourself the money and get the lower frequency ACE 300.

You can still have success in your search with no iron discrimination.

Garrett ACE 300 Accessories

Any Digger knows that the right accessories can make all the difference in the ultimate search for treasure.

Some extras for a beginner are just that, extras. But, some accessories can make your hunt easier in many ways.

Here are three must-have accessories a beginner needs for the Garrett ACE 300.

Pro Pointer AT
Garrett Pro Pointer AT
  • Underwater detection is made simple thanks to the 20-foot waterproof safe casing.
  • Control all audio and sensitivity settings from just one button, making it a friendly user experience.
  • You'll appreciate the resourceful LED light, scraping blade for deeper access, and the bright orange color so you never lose your pinpointer again.
Padded Carry Bag
Padded Carry Bag
  • Unzips fully to easily secure your Garrett metal detector in this padded gun-style carry bag. Interior detector and coil straps included.
  • The dimensions (52" L x 10" H x 15" W) are perfect to comfortable fit most meal detectors and then some.
  • There is an extra pocket for all your other tools to fit, located on the outside of the bag.
11x8 Sand Scoop
CKG Sand Scoop
  • This sand scoop is built to last as it's made of premium stainless steel
  • The 7mm hexagon-shaped holes ensure that you catch every last nugget of treasure.
  • Use as is, or add an extension with the 29 mm top hole connection.

Best Garrett Metal Detectors for The Beach

Are you an avid beachcomber searching for the ultimate Garrett detector to fight through salty signals?

You’re in luck!

The best metal detector for the beach is the new Garrett ACE APEX, thanks to the multi-frequency technology and added benefit of the Multi-Salt mode.

The APEX utilizes the Multi-Frequency Salt Mode to stabilize its target search chatter as the mineralization increases from the sandy beach to shallow water.

Best for Beach
Garrett ACE APEX
  • The absolute best machine to use on the beach. The included salt mode is designed to sift through the salty feedback and find the treasure.
  • This Garrett device gives you 6 different frequencies to navigate harsh mineralization and detect deeper than other machines you've used.
  • Tons of other features will give you the advantage. A 5-tone audible target ID, Hi-resolution discrimination, and proportional audio are just a few of the benefits the APEX delivers.

No matter the size of your coin hunting treasure or metal detecting discovery, the six available frequencies will give you the advantage that many detectorists don’t have.

When you’re set on finding misplaced silver coins or pirate gold, the APEX has every feature to boost your detecting power and accuracy.

Best Garrett Metal Detectors for Underwater

The APEX is great for shallow depths along the shore because of its Viper DD search coil.

But if you need a machine meant for wreck diving and waterproof treasure hunting, you need a quality waterproof metal detector.

You won’t find one better for the job than the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II.

Best for Water
Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II
  • If searching for sunken treasure is your goal, the Sea Hunter is submersible up to 200 feet and has a PI frequency of 750 pulses per second. Saltwater interference won't ever get in your way!
  • This package includes underwater headphones that are designed and tested to offer a comfortable and secure audio transmission for each tone.
  • The double-D search coil plugs in easily to the Sea Hunter with no fuss. It's just another reason this detector is best in water for any advanced detectorist.

Why is it the best underwater detector out of all the top brands?

The Sea Hunter Mark II can function as deep as 200 feet in the ocean. It also boasts superior pulse induction (PI) technology that eliminates chatter from the salty environment.

With its 22 different frequencies and sensitivity/depth adjustments, you’ll need to carry an extra oxygen tank to keep the fun going.

Best Garrett Metal Detectors for Depth

The best of the Garrett metal detectors for depth is the ATX Deepseeker in part, because of the two-sized coils that offer more versatility.

Best for Depth
Garrett ATX Deepseeker
  • Pulse Induction technology is the premier frequency option when depth is your main concern. The ATX Deepseeker uses a max frequency of 730 pulses per second to reach deeper than any other Garrett in its class.
  • The rapid ground tracking and advanced ground balance switching won't slow you down a second. As you pass from ferrous to salty environments, the ATX changes to give you the best capability it can.
  • This military-based design even works 10 feet underwater. So if caverns and shorelines are your usual environment, you won't have to carry a backup machine.

The Deepseeker is a packaged ATX model with a larger 20-inch search coil. These two waterproof coils together enable this beast of a machine to maximize its pulse detection capability.

You can expect to reach target depths of up to 10 feet, thanks to the 730 pulses per second emitting from the max PI frequency.

The Garrett AT Max is your next best bet if you need more affordable options.

The AT Max has an excellent depth range, but don’t expect to reach anywhere close to 10 feet. You’ll probably max out at 21 or 22 inches with the best ground conditions.

Best Garrett Metal Detectors for The Money

Your best choice when considering the features of a metal detector and the price is the Garrett ACE 400.

It’s less expensive than the AT Max but shares many of the same advanced technology.

Best for the Money
Garrett ACE 400
  • A 10 kHz frequency offers you a higher option than the ACE 300. This subtle jump gets you the extra depth you need to find coins and gold under the surface.
  • Not the cheapest model by Garret but definitely a steal considering all you get in terms of discrimination and target identification.
  • Built for the serious detectorist. You get 20 to 40 hours of battery life, a pinpoint mode for zeroing in on a target, and 12 target ID segments.

For example, you can access digital target ID, iron audio, notch discrimination, and adjustable frequency.

Combine that with a higher VLF frequency of 10 kHz and five search modes; there aren’t many limitations you’ll encounter.

The ACE 400 is a powerful detector to start on and gives the seasoned pro an edge in the field.

Does Garrett Offer Any Metal Detectors for Kids?

Does Garrett Offer Any Metal Detectors for Kids
Kids get in on the fun too. Garrett makes the ACE series which is easy to use, no matter your age.

Yes, Garrett does make metal detectors for kids.

Many parents will decide based on price alone, which is why many choose a Bounty Hunter model.

But don’t overlook Garrett as an option. Plenty of lower-priced models will give your little Digger a step up on their friends.

The entire ACE series by Garrett is intended to be easy to operate and learn as you go. You may not need to go wild with their first detector, or else I’d suggest the Garrett ACE 400.

But if you want to start them off on the right path, I’d recommend the Garrett ACE 200.

Best for Kids
Garrett ACE 200
  • Easy to use sensitivity control with 4 options depending on the ground conditions your child is hunting on.
  • Pro-like features including discrimination control and digital target ID give every kid the same power as the grown-ups.
  • The lightweight and durable design let any kid feel comfortable handling their new toy for hours on end.

It’s lightweight and rugged.

Damaging it won’t be easy for your kiddo.

This beginner device is known for being easy to use. However, don’t mistake that for it being cheaply made.

With incredible benefits like four sensitivity adjustments, digital target ID, and more responsive audio tones, your kids will get hooked as the treasures start rolling in.

And if you want to stretch a bit and your price point isn’t so constrained, the Garrett ACE 250 is another reasonable consideration.

What Features Should I Look For?

What Features Should I Look For
Consider how you plan to use your new detector, and you’ll narrow down the important factors.

Buying the proper metal detector is no different than buying anything else. You should make sure you’re getting value for your price paid.

So what key features should you look for in a Garrett detector?

I’ve discussed this in other articles. It always comes down to the same factors.

  • higher or lower frequency
  • available search modes
  • average range in depth
  • search coil size
  • built-in options (audio controls, ground balance, etc.)

You should decide where they rank in your list of importance.

Ask yourself how you plan on using the detector, what you’re looking for, and what sort of terrain you expect to search in.

Your answers should give you a better idea of what you need in your device.

How Much Should I Spend?

How Much Should I Spend
Your budget will vary depending on your needs and level of interest.

You should feel comfortable with your price line and how much you spend on a new Garrett machine.

Most detectorists usually fall within three categories.

  1. Diggers who spend under $500
  2. Diggers who spend between $500 and $1000
  3. Diggers who spend over $1000

Your level of interest in metal detecting, your intended purpose, and your experience will play a role in setting your price range.

For some help deciding which grouping you fit into, read my article on buying cheap vs. expensive metal detectors.

I go into more detail about why you fall into a particular category.

Why Should I Buy a Garrett Metal Detector?

Why Should I Buy a Garrett Metal Detector
A Garrett metal detector is a top-of-the-line tool that gives you the best odds at success.

If you’re new to the dirt fishing world and you’re asking why choose Garrett? Well, let me bring you up to speed.

Garrett metal detectors have been making top-notch detectors since 1964. Their founder, Charles Garrett, has made several technological contributions to the science world.

Not just in the detecting industry but in other prestigious fields like space travel. NASA, to be specific.

Overall, their metal detectors are designed and built with the latest technology to preserve their customer base’s loyalty and satisfaction.

Garrett Metal Detector Batteries

Garrett Metal Detector Batteries
Most Garrett models take a AA battery, but there are exceptions.

The batteries that power your Garrett metal detectors are just as crucial as the detectors themselves.

After all, what good is detecting if you can’t find anything?

You need to make sure you have reliable and long-lasting batteries. Otherwise, your performance suffers each passing minute.

What Kind of Batteries Does a Garrett Metal Detector Use?

Garrett detectors for recreation use AA batteries.

You can use either alkaline or rechargeable batteries in your device.

rechargeable batteries
Having rechargeable batteries is a great way to save you money and always have some spares available.

For the best results, I recommend using lithium AA batteries. They’ll give you more power and a longer lifespan than alkaline batteries.

Using a hand-held security wand? Your power source will generally be a 9-volt or rechargeable cadmium-free Ni-Mh battery. These also work with the Garrett pinpointers.

Garrett also makes walk-through metal detectors for crowd control. These devices can be powered by an optional battery module that supplies 10 hours of battery life.

You can purchase these battery modules in lithium or gel cell.

How Do You Change Batteries in A Garrett Metal Detector?

How Do You Change Batteries in A Garrett Metal Detector
Most batteries can be changed the same way on a Garrett metal detector.

Changing out the batteries of the Garrett metal detectors is pretty straightforward. Some detectors might vary slightly, but not by much.

Rotate the battery cover counterclockwise if you need to change the batteries on an AT Max or any AT series model. You can find it on the nose of the control box, where the smallest part points toward the search coil.

Once the cover is removed, your battery pack should slip right out.

After replacing the batteries, slide the pack back in, replace the battery cover, and turn clockwise until it locks in place.

Garrett Metal Detector Rechargeable Batteries

Garrett Metal Detector Rechargeable Batteries are environmentally friendly
Not only are rechargeable batteries cost-effective, but you’ll be helping the environment too.

Rechargeable batteries are considered a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective option.

You don’t have to keep buying new batteries and throwing away used ones.

Plus, they tend to last longer than traditional alkaline batteries.

If you choose to use rechargeable batteries in your Garrett device, I recommend getting a set of high-quality AA NiMH batteries.

These batteries should give you plenty of detecting time before needing a charge.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup set of batteries, especially if you plan to be out all day.

AA or AAA Battery Charger
Energizer AA or AAA Battery Charger
  • Ability to charge your metal detector batteries and stop wasting money. Charge 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries at one time.
  • Your rechargeable batteries should get to full power with 4 hours of uninterrupted charging.
  • Energizer gives you an excellent product backed by its reputation. When charging is complete, the indicator light and audio tone lets you know you're ready to go.

Best Garrett Accessories

You already saw some necessary accessories for the ACE 300 earlier. Honestly, there are a lot of extra tools this company makes that many Diggers find helpful.

Sometimes all you need is some extra coils to expand on your experience.

So, just in case, here are a few more for you to consider.

Camo Pouch
Garrett Camo Diggers Pouch
  • Your new pouch comes with separate pockets and grids to keep the trash from mixing in with the treasure.
  • Secure it to your belt, and attach your digger and pinpointer to go completely hands-free.
Garrett Digging Tool
  • Made from the strongest carbon steel, this blade is equipped with a 7.5-inch cutting edge to get through roots and the toughest of obstacles.
  • This digging tool was designed for your protection. The rubber grip and non-slip blade guard keep accidents from happening.
Garrett Gloves
  • These green rugged gloves come in medium, large, and x-large sizes to fit most Diggers' hands.
  • Not only are they comfortable, they include extra padding on the knuckles and palms. And the thumb, middle finger, and index finger are touchscreen capable.

Garrett Metal Detector Replacement Parts

Sometimes the best accessory you can carry is the replacement part for a broken metal detector. You shouldn’t give up on a good search when you’re only an hour in.

These three Garrett replacement parts are worth having a home in your pouch.

Battery Holder
AT series battery holder
  • This 4-pack holder works for the AT series metal detectors.
Coil Hardware
Garrett Coil Hardware Set
  • This is genuine Garrett coil hardware made to fit any Garrett metal detector.
Stem and Rod
Garrett Replacement Stem
  • The Garrett replacement middle stem includes the camlocks and lower pole. Fits most Garrett models, check the product description for your detector.

FAQs About the Best Garrett Metal Detectors

Whenever comparing different choices of metal detectors, there are bound to be questions.

Let’s go.

Which Is Better, Garrett AT Pro or AT Max?

Garrett AT Max
  • Item Weight: 3 lbs
  • Waterproof: Fully submersible up to 10 feet of water
  • Frequencies: VLF Single Frequency at 13.6 kHz
  • Best For: Relics, Coins, and Beach
  • Search Modes: 5
  • Competitive Feature: Advances 44 point iron disc. and Z-Lynk wireless
Garrett AT Pro
  • Item Weight: 3 lbs
  • Waterproof: Waterproof up to 10 feet
  • Frequencies: VLF Single Frequency at 15 kHz
  • Best For: Relics, Coin, and Beach
  • Search Modes: 7
  • Competitive Feature: Tone role audio and up to 40 hours of battery life

The Garrett AT Pro and AT Max are very similar detectors. Most detectorists would be happy with either one, but there is a clear and superior model.

The AT Max is the better of the two metal detectors. Because of the increased depth, wireless capability, and other improved features, this newer metal detector is worth the added price.

The only downside is the battery life.

It’s not bad, but the AT Pro has double the battery life potential. However, this is due to the lack of upgraded features like wireless functionality and a backlit LCD screen.

Are Garrett Metal Detectors Easy to Use?

Are Garrett Metal Detectors Easy to Use
Each version or series comes with its own complexities, but overall, Garrett metal detectors are easy to use.

As I previously mentioned, Garrett has an entire series of metal detectors designed for ease of use.

The ACE series gives you the perfect range of options if you’re a beginner. No matter your age, using Garrett metal detectors is best for its simplicity without the trade-off of limited technology.

I wouldn’t even consider the more advanced devices very hard to use. Of course, the more you spend, the more advanced tech you’ll get.

So a little complexity is expected.

Garrett Metal Detector Manuals

Garrett Metal Detector Manuals
If you need a manual for your metal detector, there are plenty available through Garrett’s website.

Speaking of complex detectors, don’t neglect your Garrett metal detectors manual.

While some brands have the unfortunate habit of leaving out essential instructions or confusing you with technical jargon, Garrett isn’t one of them.

Reading tutorials and watching videos is a great way to learn how to fully unlock the potential of your new detector.

But sometimes, the owner’s manual is the best source of truth.

source of truth
For the most accurate and informative help, you should be going right to Garrett Metal Detectors.

Lucky for you, Garrett stores most of its detector manuals online.

If you can’t find a manual for your specific machine, call their support line for the US and Canada areas.

Call anytime between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CST at 1-972-494-6151.

Their representatives treat each customer with respect. And you’ll be impressed with their fast solutions.

Garrett Metal Detector Warranty

The icing on the cake to owning a Garrett product is the warranty you get.

Each tool or piece of detecting equipment is warrantied for 24 months after purchase.

The warranty doesn’t cover any battery issues or failure other than a manufacturer defect.

warranty doesnt cover batteries
It’s common practice for warranties not to cover battery issues. But for any manufacturer defect, don’t sweat it!

This is pretty standard worldwide, no matter what you buy.

You’ll have to register your device after purchase to ensure you get the protection offered.

If you have a recreational Garrett device like a metal detector or pinpointer, follow this link to register.

If you have a Garrett-built device that’s a security tool like a walk-through metal detector or a hand-held wand, go here to register.


Garrett detectors are some of the best detectors on the market. They have a customer base that spans the globe, and for a good reason.

garrett customers span the globe
Because Garrett is one of the best brands at what they do, there customer base is all over.

The reliability and superior performance you get are on another level than most companies in the industry.

No matter the prize you dig up, an ancient roman coin, a hoard of gold, or a bucket of rusty nails.

With the power of a Garret search coil and your choice of operating frequency, no buried treasure can stay hidden.

Remember, the Garrett AT Max is the best for an all-terrain, all-purpose metal detector you can hang your hat on.

But if your needs and wants are more specific, there’s no shortage of quality choices at the right price.

Good luck in your search for the lost, and enjoy your new Garrett metal detector!

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