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does stainless steel rust

Does Stainless Steel Rust? True or False

Did you find yourself an old watch buried amongst your dug-up treasures? Or a nice set of rings lost long ago? Whatever the reason you’re here, metal detecting curiosity, or a home rehab project, you need to hear a simple truth about stainless steel before we continue.

will surgical screws set off metal detectors

Will Surgical Screws (and Plates) Set Off Metal Detectors: All the Stats

Giving you a simple yes or no answer to your question isn’t so, well, simple. There are a lot of factors to consider. What type of metal detector are we talking about? How many surgical screws do you have in your body? Luckily, there’s tons of data for us to compare!

will a metal detector find brass

Will a Metal Detector Find Brass? The Chameleon of Metals

Looking for brass? No problem! Your metal detector will find brass pretty easily. This metal has all the properties needed to set off your device. But the hard part comes after you find your treasure…

will coal set off a metal detector

Will Coal Set Off a Metal Detector: When Science Meets Scrooge

Here you are, trying to figure out if your metal detector actually picked up coal.  Or, dare you hope it’s really volcanic rock you uncovered? Well, the prevailing amount of carbon within a piece of coal will definitely set off a metal detector.

Most Expensive Find Magnet Fishing

Most Expensive Find Magnet Fishing: The Correct and Only Answer

If you haven’t been magnet fishing before, you’re missing out. Underwater treasures are just waiting to be recovered. And the best part is that it’s easy and cheap to start. Like novices in any hobby, you want to know what to expect. What’s the best top-tier find you can hope for?

best metal detector for lost arrows

Best Metal Detector for Lost Arrows: Never Lose Another Arrow

I get it. You don’t want to be sold on the latest and greatest metal detector. And save my breath with all the “join my mailing list for upcoming deals” talk. You just want to find your damn arrows! Ask, and you shall receive. The best metal detector for archers and their lost arrows is…

do braces set off metal detectors

Do Braces Set Off Metal Detectors? Facts to Help You Relax

Braces don’t set off metal detectors 99.9% of the time because of the specific calibration and testing that walkthrough metal detectors go through to manage everyday traffic flow. What about the other 0.01%? Well…

is magnet fishing illegal in south carolina

Is Magnet Fishing Illegal in South Carolina?

If you’re new to magnet fishing, I’m excited for you! But if you live in South Carolina, then not so much. South Carolina has several laws upheld by the Department of Natural Resources and other environmental and cultural management groups that monitor the illegal act of magnet fishing.

identifying old axe heads

Identifying Old Axe Heads: #1 Guide and Cheat Sheet

If you’re here, you’ve got yourself an old axe head you want to learn more about. Whether you’re simply curious or need some details if you hope to determine its value, I’ve got you covered.