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are you allowed to metal detect at gettysburg

Are You Allowed to Metal Detect at Gettysburg? The Sad Truth

Planning a trip to historic Gettysburg, PA? I bet you’re bouncing on the balls of your feet, aren’t you? I was fourteen when I first visited Gettysburg, and the memories are still fresh in my mind. It was a trip I’ll never forget for a lot of reasons. But if you’re planning on dirt fishing, I’ve got bad news.

do lead bullets turn white

Do Lead Bullets Turn White? And No, It’s Not Lead Oxide!

If you’re a big history buff and you’ve found your way onto an old battlefield or two, this should resonate with you. And if you’re a firearms enthusiast, even better. Time to set the record straight on white lead bullets.

will a smok novo set off a metal detector

Will a SMOK Novo Set Off a Metal Detector?

One of my pet peeves is that I hate leaving my readers with doubts. And unfortunately, one generic answer doesn’t always tell the whole story. So, to be as accurate as I can, I’m jumping back into the world of vapes to talk about the SMOK Novo. Will a SMOK Novo set off a metal detector?

do safety pins set off metal detectors

Do Safety Pins Set Off Metal Detectors: Planes, Punk, and Pinning

Safety pins are like that thing you never think of until you need them. But you end up needing them an awful lot. Whether it’s for a broken zipper or a cloth diaper, it’s a handy item. And like any other piece of metal, it can affect metal detectors.

antique anvil identification

Antique Anvil Identification: 9 Makers and Their Marks

Are you having trouble identifying the markings on your antique anvil? I’m not surprised. Unless you invested in the anvil encyclopedia, Anvils in America, it can be daunting. Check out these nine famous makers and their marks and save time and money.

will pins set off a metal detector

Will Pins Set Off a Metal Detector: Dos and Don’ts of Decorative Pins

Pins are a great accessory, a fun collectible hobby, and an inviting trading experience. There is metal in many kinds of pins. But is it in yours? Will it set off a metal detector? And will TSA let you fly with it?

is tungsten magnetic

Is Tungsten Magnetic? Answers with Magnets and Metal Detectors

When someone asks me if a particular metal is magnetic, it’s usually because they’ve lost something and they’re hoping a magnet will be their saving grace. Tungsten is no different. So what’s the truth?

does titanium set off metal detectors

Does Titanium Set Off Metal Detectors?

Like many metals, titanium has a wide range of applications in almost every industry. While it’s not as precious as gold, it’s prized because of its usefulness and the energy it takes to procure. Does titanium set off metal detectors, whether it’s an implant or a lost ring?

how to find a ring in the grass

How to Find a Ring in The Grass: Before Your Partner Finds Out

Lost your wedding ring in the yard? I’ve been there. And believe me, when my wife caught me frantically metal detecting the backyard, I could feel the death stare on the back of my neck. So let me help you with the guy wrenching problem I experienced.