Most Expensive Find Magnet Fishing: The Correct and Only Answer

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If you haven’t been magnet fishing before, you’re missing out.

Underwater treasures are just waiting to be recovered. And the best part is that it’s easy and cheap to start.

Don’t get me wrong; metal detecting is my bread and butter. 

But spending sixty bucks on a decent magnet fishing kit is more forgiving to my wallet than purchasing a new PI metal detector.

Like novices in any hobby, you want to know what to expect. What’s the best top-tier find you can hope for?

The best and highly disappointing answer to the most expensive find magnet fishing has to offer is it depends.

The Harsh Reality

the harsh reality it depends
I hate the phrase ‘it depends’ as much as you hate reading it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t leave! I promise I’m not wasting your time.

You don’t know how much I hated giving you that answer.

It depends?

That’s not an answer! Not a real one, at least.

Well, in this case, it is.

There have been many reports, news articles, and YouTube videos of magnet fishermen dragging up old cars, sunken safes, and antiques from murky canals.

But it’s nearly impossible, at best, to confirm the authenticity or actual value of the find.

Look, you’re not here for a wishy-washy answer. So I’ll give you the next best thing to the guesswork of valuing magnet fishing finds from the past.

guessing value from the past
It’s a wasted effort to hypothesize a magnet fishing finds value from reports alone.

I’ll tell you what kind of finds are the best that aren’t just pipe dreams.

This is stuff that you have a real shot at fishing out of the water if you do the research.

Most Expensive Find Magnet Fishing

Whether in the form of an abandoned safe or resting alone above the sediment, the most expensive find a magnet fisherman can discover is jewelry.

Gold. Silver. Diamonds. 

Jewelry is made up of precious metals that rarely lose value and can withstand the severe deterioration of an underwater environment.

I’ve seen enough videos online of safes found magnet fishing filled with cash that’s now soggy and tearing.

Sure, you could find a hoard of old coins. But the value a buyer places on them will probably get you a lesser return than a gold necklace with a diamond pendant.

less value from coins than necklace
Old coins will rarely offer a higher return than precious gems and metals.

Just remember that some jewelry, like pure gold, won’t be magnetic or magnetic enough to pick up. 

You have to hope the other metal components or their underwater container is.

Best Magnet Fishing Finds

Besides the valuable find of a fully stocked jewelry box, many other magnet fishing finds are worth your time and effort.

Admittedly, the most common items discovered while magnet fishing is typically junk metal objects like nails, screws, and other debris accumulated in the water over time.

Heck, don’t be surprised if you pull up some old appliances, tools, and the occasional hubcap.

But the best magnet fishing finds that aren’t out of the realm of possibility include antiques, scrap metal, historical relics, and anything that has value to you.

best magnet fishing finds for YOU
The best magnet fishing finds are those that hold value to you.

Not everything of worth has a dollar sign next to it. I’ve found tons of stuff you might consider junk. But to me, it has a story, and I wouldn’t sell it even if it had been significant to someone else.

Anyway, let’s talk about what you should be searching for.

Magnet Fishing for Antiques and Relics

Antiques are typically at least 100 years old and considered to be of historical, artistic, or cultural significance. They are often valued for their rarity and craftsmanship and can be made of various materials, including wood, metal, ceramic, glass, and more.

Antiques or relics can include a wide range of items, such as furniture, art, collectibles, jewelry, and other decorative objects. They are often sought after by collectors and can be pretty valuable.

Don’t discard anything as junk at first, trust me. I’ve seen guys pull up old steel beer cans that collectors salivate after.

salivating over old beer cans
You never know what kind of value your trashlike finds will have.

Everything has a history. The key to finding antiques is knowing their past, which in turn helps you figure out who values them the most.

I added this video from Jason of Daddy and Daughter Plus Water. He found himself two antique wagon wheels. 

Talk about luck!

Magnet Fishing for Weapons

Another one of the best magnet fishing finds you’ll come across eventually are weapons.

Whether they be bullets, pistols, old swords, knives, or even cannonballs, finding weapons is both cool and has a chance to turn a profit.

In general, the value of an old weapon depends on its rarity, condition, historical significance, and demand from collectors. 

For example, an old battle axe in excellent condition and with a unique history or origin may be worth more than a similar weapon in poor condition or with no particular significance.

Now, since you’re finding them under the water, their condition might be worse for the wear. But not always.

bad condition of metal weapons underwater
No matter their history, the condition of the weapons you find will play a role in their resale value.

I’m sure you’ve read the same reports I have about magnet fishermen dredging up tossed-aside handguns or antique civil war artillery.

Some of this stuff is found entirely out of random chance. But other times, you can narrow down an area based on its past.

Just be careful of what you find.

Possessing certain types of old weapons may be restricted by law, depending on the location and the item in question. 

It’s always a good idea to check local laws and regulations before attempting to sell or trade old weapons found through magnet fishing or other means.

Magnet Fishing for Scrap Metal

Make sure to bring along all that scrap metal you found while magnet fishing for that precious jewelry.

You may or may not already know, but turning in junk metal to scrap yards is a way to earn some quick cash.

You won’t make a living off it by any means, but it’ll pay for your gas and adventures magnet fishing across the county.

Now, only some types of metal are bought by scrap dealers. The usual suspects are copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, iron, and lead.

This is because these metals can easily be recycled and turned into something else.

Not only should you try and sell the random pieces of scrap metal, but other items found magnet fishing can earn you a few pennies.

For instance, old motors, tools, furniture, bikes, anvils, and appliances are rarely turned away, depending on their condition.

Can You Find Anything Good Magnet Fishing?

Besides the real money makers we already covered, you can find all sorts of goodies magnet fishing. It just depends on your interests.

Some of you might have other hobbies or interests that you can expand on with magnet fishing.

A friend of mine collects bottle caps and political buttons.

Is that weird?

He doesn’t think so.

Anyway, I keep any finds that might interest him.

So from his point of view, I always find good stuff when magnet fishing.

This hobby is so much fun, but no one does it to get rich.

You’re bound to discover some curious bits of history for sure. But the good stuff comes down to you and what you think is cool.

Until next time!

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