Can You Use a Metal Detector on Myrtle Beach? Uncover Hidden Treasures Today!

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Any late summer vacation plans coming up? Are you planning on using your metal detector at Myrtle Beach? It can be an excellent spot to find hidden treasures, but you’ll need to know the local rules and restrictions. 

You can use your metal detector on Myrtle Beach without a permit, but there are some guidelines to avoid legal issues. Specifically, stay clear of the dunes and other prohibited areas, and leave your metal digger at home!

Honestly, the official regulations for metal detecting on the beach are pretty reasonable. And since undiscovered treasures await you, you’d better brush up on what’s permitted and what isn’t now.

The Basics of Metal Detecting on Myrtle Beach

rules of metal detecting on myrtle beach

Law and Regulations in Myrtle Beach

Using a metal detector on Myrtle Beach is something many treasure hunters are interested in. I mean, what’s not to be excited about? It’s a popular travel destination where coins, jewelry, and who knows what else are prone to wash up on shore.

Before you bring your detector and start searching, knowing the laws and guidelines for metal detecting in this beautiful area is essential.

In Myrtle Beach, metal detecting is generally allowed on the beach, but there are some specific regulations you need to follow. 

  • It is not permitted to dig deeper than two feet, and you must fill in any holes you create, as leaving open holes can result in a fine. 
  • Metal shovels are prohibited, and while there’s no official mention of metal sand scoops, I’ve heard that local law enforcement sees them as one and the same.

Sticking to these few simple rules can guarantee you a fun and exciting trip. And hopefully, a nice new find for your collection. Remember that these rules are in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors to Myrtle Beach, so it’s essential to respect and follow them.

Best Areas for Metal Detecting

best areas for metal detecting myrtle beach

Popular Beaches

Myrtle Beach is a favorite spot for metal detecting enthusiasts. With a beautiful coastline and numerous visitors, you can expect to find interesting items, from jewelry to coins. North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach State Park are popular choices, with ample treasures waiting to be discovered.

Don’t forget about Pawley’s Island, where Surfside Beach and Garden City Beach offer an iconic prospect. These smaller beaches tend to have fewer visitors, but they also bring excellent opportunities for unique finds.


South Carolina is home to various parks that are worth exploring with your metal detector. Huntington Beach State Park is a favorite of many, as it offers a serene environment for metal detecting and appreciating nature.

But beware, prior approval is needed if you plan on metal detecting any state parks. If you don’t have a permit when digging, be prepared for the fine that follows.

Proper Equipment for Success

best metal detector for myrtle beach

Choosing the Right Metal Detector

So you know where you’re headed, and your bags are packed. But if you’re newer to this lifestyle, you could be wondering what kind of equipment you’ll need.

When searching for treasure on Myrtle Beach, choosing the right metal detector is important. The Minelab Equinox 800 is a popular choice due to its ability to search in various ground conditions and user-friendly features. 

Best Value

The Minelab Equinox 800 is equipped with revolutionary new technology to find gold, silver, and other precious metals in your quest for treasure at the beach. It has an impressive ability that combines multiple detectors into one device so you can be more efficient when looking for coins or jewelry on beaches while also being able to handle deep water conditions up to 10 feet underwater! With accurate target ID and custom profiles enabled by you - this metal detecting machine will quickly identify any type of target before sorting through the trash that lies beneath the sand.

This high-tech multi-IQ machine has two built-in programs (gold specific) and an adjustable backlit LED display that works no matter what environment you're in. Get ready to be amazed at all the things it can detect; whether it's coins or something much more valuable like jewelry, this detector will help cut through the sand with ease. 

This metal detector will give you the chance to find some serious booty! Deepest reported location depths are 6 inches for nuggets and 16 Inches with lost rings. This device is easy to use, lightweight yet powerful, and you can easily update the firmware yourself, avoiding the purchase of a newer model. I'm telling you this thing rocks! Plus, you'll get in three or four long expeditions per battery charge so no matter where in your area beaches are located, they'll all get explored without hesitation.

The waterproof design and built-in preset modes make it simple to get started, but the wireless feature allows for the exploration of new areas. Plus this detector is able to detect underwater as well as in sand or dirt which makes any terrain yours!

And if it’s outside your budget, there are plenty of other metal detectors suited for beaches.

Myrtle Beach Metal Detecting Finds

With its rich history and sandy shores, it’s no surprise that countless treasures have been discovered along Myrtle Beach. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left for you!

Types of Treasures to Find

types of treasure to find at myrtle beach

Coins: Myrtle Beach is known for various types of valuable coins and relics being discovered. Ranging from old silver currency to more recent coins, it’s possible to find valuable pieces while metal detecting on this beach.

Jewelry: Another common find at Myrtle Beach is jewelry. You may come across lost wedding rings, bracelets, and necklaces made from various materials, including gold and silver. Watching for such commonly found treasures is fundamental, as some could be valuable or hold sentimental value for their original owners.

Artifacts: Myrtle Beach is also home to several historically significant artifacts due to its exciting history. You may uncover rare items like buttons, old tools, or even military relics as you comb the sandy shores. These unique finds offer a glimpse into the area’s past.

While many treasure hunters hope for lost sunken treasure, don’t dismiss the value of finding old axe heads, bullet casings, and other finds to fill your pouch.

Money: Aside from coins, you might encounter other forms of money at Myrtle Beach. Although a less frequent find, paper currency can also be uncovered during your metal detecting exploration, along with jewels and even the ultimate prize…gold.

finding cash at myrtle beach

Gold: As one of the most desirable metals for treasure hunters, gold is always an exciting find. Whether it’s gold jewelry pieces or even gold nuggets, you never know what you might discover while treasure hunting at Myrtle Beach.

As you can see, a thrilling world of treasure and history is waiting to be recovered. With determination, patience, and a keen eye, you could stumble upon some fantastic finds during your metal detecting adventures.

Beach Etiquette and Safety

Respecting the Environment

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced detectorist, careful hunting is a given, especially in areas like Myrtle Beach. Always follow the beach rules and be aware of any potential fines. 

While enjoying your labor of love, try to avoid digging large holes that may cause safety hazards for others. Instead, dig smaller holes and immediately fill them in after retrieving your finds. Not only is it required, but you don’t want any bikers hurting themselves and giving your detectorist companions more headaches for defending their passion.

In addition, there’s a reason Myrtle Beach is so well-traveled. It’s a beautiful location, and the city prioritizes the conservation of the dunes and surrounding landmarks.

Protecting Cultural and Natural Resources

protecting dunes at myrtle beach

Using a metal detector responsibly means protecting the natural environment and respecting any cultural artifacts you may encounter. Pay attention to the traffic in the area and avoid using your metal detector in sensitive or heavily-utilized locations. 

If you happen to come across any pieces that may have historical or cultural significance, consider contacting local authorities or historical societies to help preserve these artifacts. Just because you found them doesn’t always mean they are yours to keep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is metal detecting allowed at night on Myrtle Beach?

There are no specific restrictions against metal detecting at night on Myrtle Beach. Be aware of your surroundings and stay within the permitted areas to ensure safety and respect for others.

Are there specific areas for metal detecting on Myrtle Beach?

You can metal detect along most areas of Myrtle Beach. However, the dunes, street ends, and other public properties are prohibited and punishable by a monetary fine and possible jail time.

Do Myrtle Beach rules for metal detecting change seasonally?

The rules for metal detecting on Myrtle Beach do not typically change seasonally. However, always adhere to any posted signs or local regulations, as they may be subject to change.

Are there any permits required for metal detecting on Myrtle Beach?

No permits are required for metal detecting on Myrtle Beach. If you want to metal detect in some state parks, note that the state park office may require a special use permit.

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