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can you use a metal detector on myrtle beach featured image

Can You Use a Metal Detector on Myrtle Beach? Uncover Hidden Treasures Today!

Any late summer vacation plans coming up? Are you planning on using your metal detector at Myrtle Beach? It can be an excellent spot to find hidden treasures, but you’ll need to know the local rules and restrictions.

is magnet fishing illegal in south carolina

Is Magnet Fishing Illegal in South Carolina?

If you’re new to magnet fishing, I’m excited for you! But if you live in South Carolina, then not so much. South Carolina has several laws upheld by the Department of Natural Resources and other environmental and cultural management groups that monitor the illegal act of magnet fishing.

are you allowed to metal detect at gettysburg

Are You Allowed to Metal Detect at Gettysburg? The Sad Truth

Planning a trip to historic Gettysburg, PA? I bet you’re bouncing on the balls of your feet, aren’t you? I was fourteen when I first visited Gettysburg, and the memories are still fresh in my mind. It was a trip I’ll never forget for a lot of reasons. But if you’re planning on dirt fishing, I’ve got bad news.

lost treasure in kentucky

Lost Treasure in Kentucky: 7 Hidden Mysteries to Uncover

My fellow treasure hunters, I promise you that finding lost treasure in Kentucky is not a pipe dream. And no, I’m not talking about Fort Knox. I’m talking about buried, hidden, and lost treasure waiting for you to discover. So pack your metal detector and start taking some notes.

How do you pick a spot to pan for gold in texas

How Do You Pick a Spot to Pan for Gold in Texas

While Texas is better known for cowboy boots, oil, and football, don’t discount an adventurous gold panning expedition. Panning for gold can be done anywhere. But knowing which spots produce and when a permit is required are the keys to success.

best places to metal detect

Best Places to Metal Detect: Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Are you looking for inspiration to find a new hot spot to metal detect? Or maybe you’re new to hunting the hidden treasures of history and don’t know where to start. Chances are you’ve already had some advice on where to go next. And you might have heard some of my suggestions before. But I guarantee you’ll feel confident in all your options when you’re done reading.

Metal Detecting Places in Massachusetts

Metal Detecting Places in Massachusetts: All You Need to Be Prepared

If you’re a metal detector enthusiast and love the history a good find can unravel, there’s almost no better place to go than Massachusetts. Metal detecting places in Massachusetts are abundant. There’s no shortage of outdoor recreation from Western Mass to Boston and the beaches. But if you don’t know the rules and plenty of them, you could get yourself in a real pickle.

can you metal detect in cemeteries

Can You Metal Detect in Cemeteries and Other Great Detecting Queries

Metal detecting in a cemetery is a hot topic and can be fairly taboo among those new to the hobby. Questions about the legality, the ethics, and what kinds of items may be found are just a few that usually get brought up. In this article, we dive into metal detecting in cemeteries and many other locations that may be off-limits.