SAKOBS GC-1078 Metal Detector: Why it’s Worth Your Consideration

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  • Last updated on August 7, 2023
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Hey there Diggers! Today I want to discuss a metal detector I had the chance to test out. And while you might be a staunch advocate of the likes of Garrett and Minelab devices, I ask that you hear me out and consider an alternative.

I’m talking about SAKOBS GC-1078 waterproof metal detector that boasts an 11-inch depth detection.

First, a little disclaimer; I was contacted by some friendly people at SAKOBS who asked that I review one of their products. I’m always interested in trying something new, so, of course, I said yes! But like any other product I review, I promise to give you my honest thoughts.

The good, bad, and the ugly. But if we’re being honest here, there isn’t much bad or ugly about this detector. 

The Stats on SAKOBS GC-1078

Before I share my experience of this new SAKOBS detector with you, let’s list all the features this affordable and impressive machine offers.

SAKOBS GC-1078 Metal Detector
SAKOBS GC-1078 Metal Detector

  • An IP68-rated waterproof search coil to expand your search area.
  • A DSP chip that upgrades the depth detection to 11 inches.
  • 5 search modes and 7 target metals to give you an idea of what you've discovered.
  • A big, clear LCD screen with backlight availability and plenty of manual adjustments.
  • This package includes a carry case, wired SAKOBS headphones, batteries, and a foldable shovel with a pouch.

Setting Up the GC-1078 Metal Detector

I was excited when I received a new GC-1078, but not nearly as much as my 7-year-old daughter. You see, I promised her she could help set it up and test it out. Partly because there’s no saying no to her, and the other part was for the purposes of this review.

If a soon-to-be second grader could put this device together like an oversized Lego set, well, all the better. Turns out, she did great, with a bit of guidance from dear old Dad. The instructions themselves were clear and simple. But even without the instructions, you could easily assemble the GC-1078.

sakobs gc1078 in box

With the unboxed metal detector put together, I was surprised at how light it was. And don’t get me wrong, it didn’t feel cheap or vulnerable in any way, just not as heavy as other models I’ve used.

If there was one thing I struggled with, it was closing the battery compartment behind the control box. I actually ended up snapping off one of the latches on the bottom. But I can’t really blame this on the manufacturing. 

As my daughter boldly pointed out, I was being too rough with it. And she was right. I was being impatient to get this new toy outside. If you decide to purchase this device, take the extra 3 seconds to fully slide the two 9-volt batteries into their slots correctly.

Testing Out the SAKOBS GC-1078 Metal Detector

With the GC-1078 all put together, we headed out back with the dogs to take it for a spin. Our house sits at the edge of an old, forgotten farm. I buried a few items at different depths to test as I wasn’t sure what kind of success I’d have.

assembled sakobs gc1078 metal detector

I’ve scoured that field over and over.

My daughter was ecstatic to dig with the shovel in the package. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of this SAKOBS device.

With the standard All-metal mode and no other adjustments, I could consistently pick up readings of five or six inches. These were small items consisting of some loose change, a gold ring, a nail, and a binder clip. The gold ring was trickier to find than the others.

It didn’t beep until I slowed down my motion a bit more. And even then, the readings bounced around, indicating different types of metal. Although the ring isn’t pure gold, so I guess that is to be expected.

When I did adjust the search mode and toggled the sensitivity and discrimination, I could detect the metals deeper. Each metal varied, some only hitting that 11-inch depth, but 10-inch depth detection seemed to be no problem for the coil.

All the Extras of The GC-1078

The pinpointer feature was ok. Not stellar, but it got me in the general area. You’d get more accuracy with a solo pinpointer, but considering the coil size, I wasn’t expecting anything different.

all the extras that come with the gc1078

The carrying case is a nice bonus and has a shoulder strap for easier travel. The armrest is extremely comfortable! With the lightness of the entire device, you barely notice the weight, and I could have gone hours without switching arms.

I have mixed feelings about the wired headset. Granted, anytime you get free headphones with a new purchase is a plus. But I couldn’t get them to fit just right on my head. They weren’t uncomfortable; they just felt loose around the ears. Even with that one flaw, their sound was clear and perfect.

Changing the settings and working through all the options on the LCD screen was super easy and convenient. Even with the sun blazing down right overhead, I had no issues reading the display, and I really liked the format of all the controls. You can tell a lot of thought went into the design for any experience level.

Finally, breaking down the GC-1078 to store away was a simple and smooth process. It took no time at all, and I was back with my test finds (and a few extra nickels) in time for the Phillies game to start.

Final Thoughts

I’ve already said this, but I’m really impressed. For the price, this metal detector is a steal. It’s easy to put together and use, and its performance holds up against some of the more expensive models on the market.

I’d definitely recommend the SAKOBS GC-1078 to anyone starting out or even regular Diggers looking for a new toy. My daughter is already talking me into taking it down to the beach next week to see what treasures we find.

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