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how to identify a cannonball

How to Identify a Cannonball: The Surest Way for Accurate Identification

The surest way to identify a cannonball is to determine its weight, diameter, material makeup, and location it was found. While unique markers would be helpful, these aren’t traditionally found on the majority of old cannonballs.

can a deaf person use a metal detector

Can a Deaf Person Use a Metal Detector? Your Best Option

If you had asked me this question fifteen or twenty years ago, the answer would have been more complicated. But thanks to modern technology and the growing need for metal detector brands to become more adaptable, metal detectors are no longer made for a single population group.

does copper rust

Does Copper Rust? No, But…

Copper won’t rust since it’s not a subgroup of the ferrous metal iron, which all rusting metals possess. However, copper does experience another form of corrosion that could be confused with rusting.  If you want the details about its effect, how fast it takes, and safety concerns, here you go.

does aluminum rust

Does Aluminum Rust? The 10 Ways Aluminum Corrodes

Rust? Rust!! Aluminum doesn’t rust, does it? Well, maybe not. But there are plenty of recognized corrosion forms out there; unfortunately, aluminum isn’t escaping all of them. So come along and find out what dangers are out there for our shiny friend.

does galvanized steel rust

Does Galvanized Steel Rust?

I’ve talked about rusting metal a lot recently. As a metal detectorist, finding little treasures with signs of corrosion is par for the course. And while galvanized steel isn’t necessarily a sought-after find, it’s worth discussing how this metal reacts in its environment. So let’s get into! To rust or not to rust…

metals that rust

Metals That Rust: It All Comes Back to Iron

Seeing as you and I recently demystified corrosion and the 14 metals impervious to rust, why not look at the metals that do rust? It’s a very short list. While you’ll find many metals of different names, colors, and physical attributes with signs of corrosion, only iron is capable of rusting.

what metal does not rust

What Metal Does Not Rust? 14 Metal Materials Worth Your Attention

How often have you hunted for new relics and found a rusty yet salvageable piece of history? I know I have. You find a really cool treasure, and while the rust adds some character, you’re tempted to clean it off if you can. But is rust always a given?

does stainless steel rust

Does Stainless Steel Rust? True or False

Did you find yourself an old watch buried amongst your dug-up treasures? Or a nice set of rings lost long ago? Whatever the reason you’re here, metal detecting curiosity, or a home rehab project, you need to hear a simple truth about stainless steel before we continue.

Most Expensive Find Magnet Fishing

Most Expensive Find Magnet Fishing: The Correct and Only Answer

If you haven’t been magnet fishing before, you’re missing out. Underwater treasures are just waiting to be recovered. And the best part is that it’s easy and cheap to start. Like novices in any hobby, you want to know what to expect. What’s the best top-tier find you can hope for?