Will a SMOK Novo Set Off a Metal Detector?

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One of my pet peeves is that I hate leaving my readers with doubts. And unfortunately, one generic answer doesn’t always tell the whole story.

So, to be as accurate as I can, I’m jumping back into the world of vapes to talk about the SMOK Novo.

I’ve covered other vape products like Elf Bars and JUULs, and how they interact with a metal detector.

But with the popularity of so many SMOK products, it’s time to answer the question, will a SMOK Novo set off a metal detector?

Do Novos Go Off in Metal Detectors?

Yes, a SMOK Novo will set off a metal detector if the circumstances are just right.

do novos go off in metal detectors
They sure can go off in metal detectors! But will they?

Your next question should be, ‘what are the circumstances?

I’m glad you asked!

Whether trying to sneak your vape into six flags or a concert, most traditional walk-through metal detectors work the same.

Metal detectors create a pulsing magnetic field from their internal coils. When enough metal with conductive properties enters that field, it disrupts it and generates an echoed pulse.

That corresponding pulse is picked up by an internal receiving coil.

But here’s the catch.

here's the catch a novo is small
Man, that thing is tiny!

A Novo is pretty small, right? 

Well, the metal detector has to be calibrated to a higher sensitivity for your Novo to prompt it to go off.

Otherwise, you’d need more electrically conductive metal to set it off.

And if we’re being honest, most security metal detectors won’t have their sensitivity set high enough to pick up a Novo.

You might as well stop and search everyone if every body piercing and belt buckle causes an alarm.

Is a Novo Made of Metal?

Now that you’re familiar with the essential function of a metal detector let’s talk about the SMOK Novo.

Because not every metal reacts the same to a magnetic field.

And yes, a Novo is made of metal, the most significant portion being a zinc-alloy casing.

But there’s more to it than that. 

is a novo made of metal
Many different materials make up a SMOK Novo, including metal.

Sure, there’s some plastic involved. 

But between the battery, charging port, atomizer, and pod connection, you’ve got a lot of different materials capable of triggering a metal detector’s threshold.

What Are Novo Coils Made of?

Let’s start with the Novo coil.

The coil, also known as the atomizer, is the heating element inside a Novo that turns the e-liquid into the vapor you inhale.

Novo coils are typically made with a mesh coil design using a metal called Kanthal.

Kanthal is an alloy (combination of other metals) capable of withstanding high temperatures and is categorized as an electrical insulator.

kanthal is a good insulator, not conductor
Kathal is ideal for vape coils because it can withstand high temperatures.

Being a good insulator means it’s a poor conductor. So the Novo coil alone isn’t prone to setting off a metal detector.

However, as the SMOK Novo isn’t a disposable vape, you can buy replacement coils of varying materials. Not to mention that there is more than one model of Novo available.

For example, the SMOK Novo 4 offers ceramic coils or ferrochrome alternatives used to make stainless steel.

Ceramic material is utilized in many industries and contains no metal properties for detection. And stainless steel is less conductive than most metals.

What Kind of Battery is in a Novo?

Now for the Novo battery.

The newer SMOK models, like the Novo 3 and Novo 4, utilize a larger 800mAh lithium-ion battery, while the Novo 4 mini has a 900mAh battery.

larger mah lithium ion battery
Most recent Novos use an 800 mAh lithium-ion battery.

The original Novo only had a built-in 450mAh battery.

The benefit of lithium-ion is that it allows Novo batteries to be recharged. This powerful and portable energy source is used in several other popular electronic devices.

And because they contain elements of cobalt and nickel, they will set off a metal detector if it’s large enough.

What Are Novo Pods Made of?

Newer released Novo pods are usually made of PCTG plastic, smaller amounts of silicone, and gold-plated pins for their magnetic connectors.

The Novo pods are where the e-juice is stored, and the coil is inserted. So when the entire device is intact, the Novo pod will also contain these other two elements.

How Does SMOK Novo Work?

how does smok novo work
New SMOK Novo vapes use a power button, whereas other vapes rely on a draw-activation method.

Depending on the model of SMOK Novo you have, its operation will differ.

For instance, SMOK Novo 3 Pods and previous versions are draw-activated. 

So once the device is charged and you connect the pod filled with e-juice, simply inhale from the mouthpiece.

This will activate the battery to charge the coil and turn the liquid into vapor.

If you’re using a newer model, like the SMOK Novo 4, you will have access to an added power button.

After the device is charged and the filled pod is connected, click the power button five times to turn it on.

push on and off 5 times
The single button on a Novo is for powering it on and off and adjusting the strength.

Five more times would turn it off.

You can then click the same button two to three times to adjust the power level, which alters the strength and taste of the vapor.

If you need the help of a beginner’s guide, I recommend the product page on SMOK’s website.

I’m not a vaping expert. I’m more like a metal enthusiast.

I like to understand how things work, what they’re made of, and what part a metal plays when its detection is concerned.

So, believe me when I tell you this functionality is all made possible because of the circuit board inside a Novo device.

data transmission on circuit board
Signal transmission to operate the different functions of a vape relies on some valuable metals.

It allows the transmission of data from output to input; through wires and connectors.

And if you didn’t know, electrically conductive metals make data transmission a success.

Will a SMOK Novo Set Off a Metal Detector?

I’ve mentioned it before, but the critical information you should take from this article is that these Novo components are too small to register in the magnetic field of a metal detector by themselves.

However, when you combine the various metallic parts of the Novo, you might set off a metal detector if the sensitivity increases.

Will that happen? Probably not.

combo of novo and other metals can set off metal detectors
The more metal passes through a metal detector, the more likely you will set it off.

But a SMOK Novo in your pocket, along with your cellphone, watch, and a piece of jewelry will undoubtedly be enough to set off a metal detector.

What Are Novo Bars?

Before you move on with your busy day, I’ll briefly mention Novo Bars. Since they aren’t sold in the US, I won’t spend much time on them.

Novo Bars are disposable SMOK Novo products that come in various flavors.

Their batteries are built-in 600 mAh lithium-ion batteries, but you cannot recharge them or replace the pod.

Novo Bars are a proper one-and-done device.

But even if they don’t take a charge or allow for multiple uses, the detectability factor doesn’t change.

A metal detector may still go off because of a Novo Bar, just as it would for a traditional SMOK Novo.

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