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identifying old axe heads

Identifying Old Axe Heads: #1 Guide and Cheat Sheet

If you’re here, you’ve got yourself an old axe head you want to learn more about. Whether you’re simply curious or need some details if you hope to determine its value, I’ve got you covered.

do lead bullets turn white

Do Lead Bullets Turn White? And No, It’s Not Lead Oxide!

If you’re a big history buff and you’ve found your way onto an old battlefield or two, this should resonate with you. And if you’re a firearms enthusiast, even better. Time to set the record straight on white lead bullets.

antique anvil identification

Antique Anvil Identification: 9 Makers and Their Marks

Are you having trouble identifying the markings on your antique anvil? I’m not surprised. Unless you invested in the anvil encyclopedia, Anvils in America, it can be daunting. Check out these nine famous makers and their marks and save time and money.

is tungsten magnetic

Is Tungsten Magnetic? Answers with Magnets and Metal Detectors

When someone asks me if a particular metal is magnetic, it’s usually because they’ve lost something and they’re hoping a magnet will be their saving grace. Tungsten is no different. So what’s the truth?

how to find a ring in the grass

How to Find a Ring in The Grass: Before Your Partner Finds Out

Lost your wedding ring in the yard? I’ve been there. And believe me, when my wife caught me frantically metal detecting the backyard, I could feel the death stare on the back of my neck. So let me help you with the guy wrenching problem I experienced.

how do metal detectors help soldiers

How Do Metal Detectors Help Soldiers: 4 Action-Packed Advantages

A soldier’s metal detector is used for demining, detecting potential bombs, and scanning for weapons. They may even be used by archaeologists to find firing lines. Serhiy Reva, Director of the United States SES, says, “a sapper without a metal detector is a soldier without a gun.” 

are sharks attracted to metal detectors

Are Sharks Attracted to Metal Detectors? No, But…

If you’re about to embark on a scavenger hunt below sea level, I don’t blame you for being nervous about a shark approaching you. I can’t guarantee you won’t, but I can promise you one thing. Sharks are not attracted to metal detectors, no matter what you’ve read.

Gold Panning

Gold Panning for Beginners: Made Easy for You

Whether you’re a curious metal detectorist or novice prospector, gold panning is an enticing change of pace. It’s easy to do and only takes a bit of practice. And don’t worry about breaking the bank. You won’t have to spend much on equipment. So jump in and learn how to pan for gold with this beginner’s guide.

bounty hunter metal detector keeps beeping

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Keeps Beeping: Expert Troubleshooting Tips

Usually, a beeping metal detector is a sign of good fortune. But when that beeping leads to an empty hole in the dirt, you turn from treasure hunter to detective. So, for you Bounty Hunter users with chatty detectors, read on for troubleshooting tips.