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electrolysis for relics

Electrolysis for Relics: Best Guide for You

While there are so many suggestions and ‘best’ methods to clean relics found metal detecting, electrolysis is the way to go! Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn about this safe, easy, and reliable way to clean your dug relics.

How Do You Clean Coins From the Ocean

How Do You Clean Coins From the Ocean: Cleaning Made Simple

How do you clean coins from the ocean? There are different methods for different methods. Overall, you probably shouldn’t touch them at all. At least not until checking their value. But if you’re going to anyway, let’s make sure you do it in the safest possible way!

How do you clean iron found metal detecting

How Do You Clean Iron Found Metal Detecting: Best Methods & Top Tips

If you’ve found some buried iron while metal detecting and you’re a little hesitant to jump in and start scrubbing away the rust or dropping it in a bucket of hydrochloric acid, I can’t say I blame you. In the second post of our cleaning series, we will teach you all we know about cleaning iron found metal detecting. No matter the condition of the iron, we’ve got you covered!

how to clean copper coins found in the ground

How to Clean Copper Coins Found in the Ground: Best Do’s and Don’ts

In this first article in our cleaning series, we take a look at how to clean copper coins found in the ground. We have given you some great tips when it comes to dirty copper coins, like “just don’t clean them!”. But if you decide to…we can help with that too.

why do metal detectorists wear camouflage

Why Do Metal Detectorists Wear Camouflage? 6 Reasons for Camo

When it comes to metal detecting, one of the most popular clothing choices is camouflage. So, why do metal detectorists wear camouflage? While each hobbyist or enthusiast has their own valid reasons for donning this camo trend, there are a few that many detectorists seem to have in common. Let’s go over these 6 reasons now.

why won't my metal detector work

Why Won’t My Metal Detector Work and How to Fix It: The Need-to-Read Manual

A malfunctioning metal detector can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t know why it’s not working in the first place. The key to moving forward is to figure out why the performance of your metal detector just took a dive into the deep end. So read along to start your diagnosis today!

are metal detector coils interchangeable

Are Metal Detector Coils Interchangeable? 7 Valuable Coil Answers

Are metal detector coils interchangeable? In this article, we will help you understand what metal detector coils are, what they do, and how they work. By the end, you’ll feel comfortable knowing which metal detector coils you should be using.

what metals can my metal detector detect

What Metals Can My Metal Detector Detect? The Ultimate Breakdown

You might be surprised by how many metals a metal detector can detect. Most detectors can find metals like aluminum, brass, copper, lead, and sterling silver. Some can even find rare metals like gold and platinum! However, not all detectors are created equal.

Metal Detectors and Pregnancy

Metal Detectors and Pregnancy: What Expecting Mothers Need to Know

When you’re pregnant, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and dangers posed to both you and your unborn child. One issue that often arises for pregnant women is whether or not to go through a metal detector.